Sticks & Stone, 1/19/16

Smitty & Phil and music and sports and more.


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Sticks & Stone, 12/22/15

Podcast Available Soon

Sticks & Stone, 12/15/15

Smitty & Phil are back from their hiatus to discuss Pete Rose, The Dodgers, Dwight Howard and the NBA and Smitty graciously offers his services to Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson of Rush after hearing their longtime drummer Neil Peart has retired from touring.

Sticks & Stone, 11/17/15

Smitty & Phil are back from their hiatus to discuss the Paris and Kenya tragedies and why the U.S. is sadly forced to deal with the Arab extremist terror.

Sticks and Stone, 10/20/15

Podcast available soon.

Sticks & Stone, 10/13/15

Smitty & Phil discuss the Dodgers N.L. Division Series versus New York and the Chase Utley controversy. They have their weekly review and preview of the NFL and discuss USC’s soap opera with Pat Haden & Steve Sarkisian. Plus, Phil waxes emotional about finally seeing Smitty play live after so long, he’d lost count of […]

Sticks & Stone, 9/29/15

Smitty & Phil have their weekly review and preview of NFL & Dodgers. Plus, Phil rails on “The Cult of Sabermetrics” and how these people are ruining baseball for long time fans and Smitty hails the accomplishments and musical talents of the late great Wilton Felder of The Crusaders who passed away last week (at […]

Sticks & Stone September 22, 2015

Smitty & Phil have their weekly review of NFL & Dodger news. Plus, more beefs in Rock ‘N Roll, this time between Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) & Paul Stanley (KISS), Phil sees an ABBA cover band and Smitty discusses the long career of Def Leppard’s one-armed drummer Rick Allen (51:05).

Sticks & Stone, 9/15/15

Smitty & Phil give their weekly Dodger update, then it’s Football season and the NFL is in full swing. Plus, have there ever been “beefs” in jazz music? Smitty talks about the most notorious beef he’d ever heard of in Jazz History all on this week’s Sticks & Stone.