Marc Germain, 2/22/18

The one with the Curling Club President and Jon DeWoll

CineMAXers, 2/20/18

Reviews including.. BLACK PANTHER and THE 15:17 TO PARIS. As we count down to this year’s ACADEMY AWARDS… Max celebrates THE TOP 10 WORST FILMS OF 2017. Films that really made you want to kill yourself and the film makers as well… eMail us:

Marc Germain, 2/20/18

The one where we go ‘hands on’ with April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

Steven Spierer, 2/17/18

Nothing can sink the heart of a couples therapist faster, no matter how battle-tested or savvy, than the mixed-agenda, half-in/half-out duo: Spouse A wants desperately to save the marriage, while Spouse B is already busy planning a post-divorce life. Steve interviews William Doherty, Professor of Family Social Science and Director of the […]

CineMAXers, 2/13/18

Max’s selections of THE TOP 10 FILMS OF 2017. Reviews of FIFTY SHADES FREED, HOSTILES and much more. eMail us:

Marc Germain, 2/13/18

The one with a ‘best of’ from a decade ago with April Winchell

Marc Germain, 2/8/18

The one with the Property Brothers in Apocalypse Now. With April Winchell and Jon DeWoll

CineMAXers, 2/6/18

Max is joined by special guest, Thorin Alexander to discuss the career of America’s sweetheart, Nicolas Cage. THE TOP 6 FILMS OF NICOLAS CAGE and THE BOTTOM 6 OF NICOLAS CAGE. Also, a review of WINCHESTER starring Academy Award winner, Helen Mirren.

Marc Germain, 2/6/18

The one with the review of Capricorn One. With Justin Levine and Jon DeWoll

Marc Germain, 2/1/18

The one where Marc talks about going to jail for a couple hours. With Jon DeWoll